in my studio

pour lui l'ennui
je lui dis que c'est bon parfois d'errer

boredom for him
I said him that it's good sometimes to wander

4 commentaires:

  1. Hopefully he found out something nice to think about :-). Wonderful rain clothes. In Finland it´s like in sibiria (-20). We still have to wait a few months for wearing the rain coats :-).

  2. One day he will understand...
    what a great raincoat!
    have a nice weekend x

  3. Nina :
    when I think about the temperature in Finland, I think it would be a real experience for me, I have never lived that, it seems incredible !! You're a super hero snow Nina :)) !

    Alessandra, have a nice weekend too, perhaps wandering ;))

  4. courage bonhomme ! :)

    (je remarque la jolie canne à tête de lion bien sûr, et merci pour l'extrait, j'adore :)